About us

Ragz2Richz is the expression of my mental state in the form of clothes. I came home from being incarcerated not too long ago and my whole perspective on life had changed. For a long time I was stuck in my ways with a street/hood mentality and doing everything that came with that lifestyle until I realized it wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to be in this life time. This lifestyle kept landing me back into the same position without taking any steps forward. For a long time, I felt stuck. So I started to change my mentality one day at a time and things started to change around me. The minute I decided this was not the life I wanted for myself, my family, or my future, I made the decision to change. My mentality went from settling for what life has given me to fighting for what I knew I deserved. Today and everyday moving forward, I will never settle or be satisfied with a mediocre life. I developed discipline, hunger, and complete determination for myself and for all of the individuals out there who are feeling lost, just as I once was. 


I came up with the name Ragz2Richz because this was my story and a lot of others as well. This concept does not always have to be about a financial situation. You may have had a broken heart, lost a job a friend, addiction, or just feeling like you are stuck in a spot you can’t overcome. But the beauty is that you bounce back and it made you stronger. It made you want to do better, be better, and grow as a person. It is going from a poor mental state to a rich one. So the name Ragz2Richz stuck to me and I hope it will always stick to you.

-Ceo of Ragz 2 Richz